Summer Sailing trips for families on the Waddenzee

On our 1905 traditional Dutch klipper, we visit the islands and explore the Unesco world heritage site of the Waddenzee. A unique tidal area where unspoilt nature and sea life are abundant.

We depart from Lauwersoog in the North of the Netherlands and usually visit Schiermonnikoog and Ameland. We mix sailing days with days to spend on the island. The trips are usually around 4-5 hours and on a very moderate sea. No worries for sea sickness!

Our boat can take 12 passengers, and sails with your help.
No need for experience, we will gladly show you how it’s done.
This is a wonderful way to spend a holiday, see a beautiful part of the Netherlands and offer your children a great experience!

Family Trips summer 2023

23/7 – 28/7
30/7 – 4/8
6/8 – 11/ 8

All trips are from  sunday 5 pm, untill  friday 4 pm.

It is also possible to book the whole ship for your own group on these or other dates. With or without catering.


€ 450   for children 0-18

€ 650   for adults

Price includes your stay, sailing, all meals except 1 evening when you will be eating out.

Adult Trips 2023

Go with the Flow, departing from Harlingen to Terschelling/Vlieland/Texel

7/5 – 12/5
21/5 – 26/5
28/5 – 2/6

Yogaretreats around Schiermonnikoog
20/8 – 25/8
10/9 – 15/9

Go with the Flow, departing from Lauwersoog to Schiermonnikoog & Ameland
9/7 – 14/7
16/7 – 21/7
3/9 – 8/9

Arrival:        sunday at 7.30 pm, Departure:  friday at 4 pm.

Prices (all inclusive)

Go with the Flow:  € 700 for a shared cabin, € 850 for a private cabin.
Yoga:                        € 900 for a shared cabin, € 1100 for a private cabin.

Max 9 passengers per trip.

We are sorry but we have not translated our whole website in English. So have a look at the pages in Dutch to get an idea and please get in touch personally if you have any questions.

Go with the Flow Harlingen
Go with the Flow Lauwersoog

Sailing on the Waddenzee

Sailing on the Waddenzee is a unique experience.
The marine map on the right shows many green area’s. This indicates that they are flooded when the tide is high and dry when the tide is low. The blue area’s are always accessable. The tide changes every six hours, so in 24 hours we have two high and two low tides.

Good trip planning is crucial, because it’s not just the tides that we depend on, but also the wind and the currents. So don’t expect a fixed program on this holiday, because our itinerary is dictated by nature.

The low tides creates a wonderful opportunity…


Zeekaart Schiermonnikoog aan boord van klipper nova cura tijdens eilandhoppen

Droogvallen (sorry, there is no English equivalent for this word)
means that we sail the ship into shallow waters and anchor.
Then we wait untill all the water has retreated en then we are in the middle of a huge beach.

Our ship has a flat hull, so can lay comfortably on the sand. And off course this is the time for us to roam around and play. You could go jogging, play football, look for shells or do yoga.

Meet the captain

Paul Wijk is the captain of the Nova Cura.
His partner Judith is responsible for sailing instructions and she leads the crew.
Judith is also the cook.

The ship is owned by Judith & Paul since 2018.

Paul Wijk, schipper van de klipper Nova Cura

For information or booking

please get in touch with Judith

call: 06-54 266 265

Judith is fluent in English and speaks reasonably German and French.

Judith de Bruijn